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Most of the time he says excuse me which I think is really cute, but I also love it when he burps so confidently and it's so loud and powerful.

Usually with the louder ones he turns his head to the other side, covers his mouth, or just waves his hand in front of his face to blow the burp in a different direction.

Not into the whole 'human toilet' roles or full consumption.

I'm more I interested in those who enjoy heavy quantity , full body smearing, messy anal play etc.

He burps so much I'm not sure of where to start but I guess I can start off my describing the first time I heard him burp.

It was a few years ago, at the time I had a crush on him, and we decided to go on a hike with a few friends.

Women are incredibly supportive when they feel safe, respected, trusted.

They also respect a man who is willing to take c his problems to solve them and not go into denial. Lost Sheep Born 1948 AMS LGX 18 3 implant Nov 6, 2017 by Dr Tavis Shaw.

After 30 yrs of progressive unrecognized ED I will do this RIGHT; no second chance with one's first.Even if no active participation is likely, through distance, circumstances etc, I still love to hear from like-minded people who enjoy this fetish as I do...There's this guy I currently work with (who was also my boyfriend at one point) who burps a lot when we hang out. How does everyone cope and what are your thoughts and wife or girlfriends and thoughts!!I also got respect for my courage in being so candid.

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Although we aren't dating we still spend a lot of time together, usually drinking beers, talking, listening to music, etc.

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