How much does money matter in dating

The exact amount would depend on where we were living and the cost of living there.

Ideally, I would want my SO to be able to pay their share of rent and food, and go on 2 vacations per year with me.

Or, if you have a career, would you accept supporting your spouse?

Do you have a number in mind that you expect, or do you look at their lifestyle and guess?

His version of little was about 5x higher than my version of little.

Because of this I am now 100% in charge of money, and we are slowly chipping away, but we can't buy a house etc. The point of this story is that money management is way more important, because eventually it will also affect your life.

Income is not nearly as important as money management.

At my age, that is not too much to ask if you've got your shit together.

If for some reason, my SO doesn't make that kind of money, they better be in transition of some sort.

While it’s not a politically correct thing to say, the fact is that money is, and always will be, important in a relationship. In other words, how they use their money tells you a lot about what your future will be like with them.

Because of the control that money has on what we can and can’t do, it’ll always Everyone needs to eat. If they spend all your cash and/or refuse to get a job, you can bet that you’ll probably feel used at times. If there’s anything that’s really a major turn-off, it’s seeing a person who has no life goals, no motivation to better themselves, and no interest in making a name for themselves.

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