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He had youth, rank, and all the freshness of his fame, a certain passport to distinc- tion : he was in the society to which • his rank entitled him, and yet he looked so little at his ease one would have thought he had never been in company before : while Miss Bail Ue, tliat yery. 9 lady, a born gentlewoman, was so quietly self-possessed, so perfectly at her ease, it made me feel a sort of reflected respect for the society who could value such unpretending merit. 203^, which has narrowly escaped the knife of the binder ; a proof, by the way, that the present binding, and consequently the mutilation of the volume, is subsequent to the period of his accession in 1587, and probably of his reign, which ceased in 1632. Though none of the houses are remarkable for architectural beauty, and some are modernized in the windows, yet they are all so old that every one of them must have been in existence long before the period of the celebrated battle.

And when this serious countenance, those thoughtful eyes, were turned upon the young man, it seemed as if a magic influence was in that look, it seemed to disenchant the silly spell in which he had been bound. In t W same volume are the autograph signa- tares of Sigismond I., Sigismond II. one of the first entries is a memorandum tiiat her annual dowry in Uie kingdom (^Poland amounted to about 54,000 Po Ush so M, at the rate o£30grom to each, and in Lithuania to dd,000 so&dlu On fo L 3 we read. How the volume passed from the hands of Sigismond tne Third*s sons and su C"^ cessors to the Sobieski dynasty doei not appear ; and the remainder of it B history is to be gathered from a recent note at the begmning, by which it ap« pears, that in 1838 or 1839 the manu« script was procured at Frescati from the possessor of the effects of the Car- dinal York, and came into the posses- sion of the Stuarts, by the marriage of the Princess Marie Clementine So« bieski in 1719 to Prince James, the first Pretender, son of King James U, It was presented to the Duke of Sussex by the Chevalier Gregoire de Berardi, and at the sale of the Duke^s MSS. I observed a few shops, with open fronts, and short supportmg rude columns, as in the olden time, when the master or his apprentice with a "AA'hatdoye lack?

— I could not catch the first two or three sentences, but a knot of talkers behind me walked off and I heard Lord Byron say, '* I prefer his Ellen : it is fresher and freer ; she is a real ideal, she is a fairy reality ; she is a creation, her island and her skiff and her highborn grace, in the savagery of her scene, is BO new and so true. Many of te jtayaia in this and the preceding of tlw Tolome fareatne a tone homility and deroticm; TOjal personage for wbcnn t ended, or his socoessof Si ineiiilal Md on them, we proof in the Iftmi^ writii^ on which, in is now completely obti- At the end o£ this is written in capital letters of go Ut Xfl Mians uufocobo JOonwnanj ct aft ■■■111 II mrft joftw era. Ifter this are inserted in the Tolume, ■ mam boinid« some later additions on •MO', extending from fi»L 198 to fol. They are all aearhr contemporary with the events recorded, and of much value, as af- fcrding fixed dates, on which reliance eui he placed. These pillars, however, were not older than the time of Charles the Second.

The daughter of a courtier formed to adorn a court, discovered in that lonely spot, and the Douglas blood revealed in all her looks, and still concealed ; the mingled charm and superstitious awe by which Fitz James*s ' mind was passion tost,' has a mild reality of fancy in it which seems to me unequalled by any other of his heroines.*' '* I am glad to hear you say so — Ellen has always been my favourite, and besides she is Scotch and Matilda is not,'* said Joanna, in an accent so decidedly l^otch there could be no doubt of why she thought a Scotch heroine superior to every other, and there was a very heartiness in her tone and an unaffected sensibility in her eyes that was true reality after all the praters I had listened to all the evening. l U, w ritte n in an Italian hand of the of thel Mtoenturj. Several of these are in the handwriting * of Qiieen Bona, se- cond wife of Sigismond 1. The ancient church, with its noble tower and boldly crocketed pinnacles. In a word, a brighter courage and a gentler dis* position were never married together, to make the most cheerful and innocent con- versation.'* Vide Earl of Clarendon's His- tory of the Rebellion.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Vegeno Us f nata est Ser*« Dn& Bona Sftntia, Regina Polonie, ete. of Poland, CJuly, of time are those which relate to the children of Sigismond I. Die martis, hora quarta noctis statim pulaata, 18 Januarii, 1519, Cracovie nata est IU» p*na Ysabella Casimiriensis, ut felicissimis auspiciis, et Tehementissiine desideratis. His portraits of ships, to which he was principally confined* were excellent, and the scenery displayed many a sunny spot of beautiful colouring, particularly in his delineations of Chineae landscape.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. from the danger of future loss, and placed under the faithful pro- tection of the Press. fi»pt hrr title nf Baroniie de Stael Holstuni one woola doubt that lfea« had ever been mrb a |enoii. " I should have thought your early associa Uons witk 4 Portfolio of a Man of the World. " " We do venture to compare and to give the suj K^riority to Shakspere," said F. of Poland in 1587, afler the death of Stephen Bathori. ^f k T"' k m " *' '''''^ than t Tany point of much Jeneral ^J^J^^^J^^ ^:^\^^^^ interest : reffretting at the same time became known, and then it was only ac that I have but bttle ongmal mforma- ddenfally discovered, owing to the dr- iion to impart.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. No nation can boast a nobler descent than ours, or one whose annals are adorned by brighter examples of public and private virtue ; but the first step in our remembrance of our forefathers' deeds should be that of piously and gratefully preserving them from the casualties of time, the chances of neglect, and the injuries inflicted on them by the ignorant or the designing, — by stupidity, neglecting what it cannot understand, — or by artful and malicious cunning, which has too often destroyed for the purpose of concealing its frauds, and obliterated that which would have detected its wilful misinterpretations or indolent mis- takes. [July, real French perfection of theatric performances must be as strong. of the embassy ; " we venture to think Tejir njore interesting to an English audience than the heronie of an old Greek fable can be to Parisians/' ** There is the triumph of l^^-ench geniu5^," said P. ehe fh di Sdbbato dell' anno 15[55l et aniv6 in Ban, nel porto, al U • . The last two entries of births are m the handwriting of Queen Bona, by whom also a long note has been written on fol. As, however, the re- cumstance of a piece of gold dropping on moval of error is a measure not only the floor when the wife of the proprietor necessary, but oflen auxiliary, to the was making a bed which had been placed introduction of truth, I would request iipon it. Adjoin- ing to the castle was another walled inclosure called the Newarke (new- work), the principal feature within which was a magnificent collegiate church, the burial place of the house of Lancaster.

I could put my fingers between, and take hold of some of the stems and stalks of the flowers and their leaves ; and the wood is aa hard as if but just cut.f I asked a very poor woman who showed us the church in what part of it was the vault of the Granvilles. He says, " The lions of England, and the fleurs-dc-lys of France, are in my opinion only a repetition of the single churge origmally assumed; the shape of the shield, or the size of the cap or shoe to be so ornamented, deciding, in those early days, the i^osition and num- ber.

She pointed out the spot at the south of the cnancel ; and said it had been opened and ex* amined about fifteen years ago ; that it was formed of arches below the pave- ment : the steps to descend into it still remained. The proofs of this theory are too numerous for me now to adduce." It is exemplified in the effigy of Geoffrey Plantagenet, by his exhibiting a single lion on that side of his cap which is seen, and four lions on that side of his shidd which is seen.

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