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Soviet Deputy For¬ eign Minister, Mr Semyon Tsarapkiu, left u nmoling Micro on Tuesday with the Danish Foreign Minister, Mr Foul Hnrl- Jing, u little girl handed him n bouquet of flowers mid a book. The Russian smiled ami thanked her, thinking it was a gift, rt whs, however, n special greeting from the Danish Action Commit Lee for Soviet Jews am! A let¬ ter Inside it began : “ Comrade, do you know Unit the USSR ., . '* whom the prosecution had (icmnnd- ed four years) was given three; Mikhail Shepslielovich—3 years; Ruth Alexandrovich and Boris Maflsier—one year each.

When tiio Iwo gunmen were overpowered on Tuesday after a 3-duy siege by 1,000 troops, the en¬ raged crowd waiting outside tho block of flnts set upon them. The seven now in custody in con- Press hits at Jewish firms From our Correspondent Buenos Aires Big Argentine daily newspapers, which have never been nntiscinitic, arc giving wide publicity to the bankruptcy of a small firm owned by Jews, grossly exaggerating its deficiencies and describing it us a swindle. ■ , 'WJhe s^les israo L'incrcasetj, 1 by jtf th e'first iqua Ster qf year, feopip^-ed witb ;tfio nerimi fh rionn- . In an interview in the Indepen¬ dent daily, Haaretz, on Sunday, the aged Chief Rabbi said that he had intended not to stand for ro- elecllon until a few weeks ago.

• Addressing Now York members of the Anti-Defamation League (an off-shoot of American B’nai B’rith) after hm weekly general audience, tho p °pe reiterated the Second Vatican Council’s call for "mutual understanding and respect which are the fruit above all of Biblical and theological studies and broth- dialogue;" _ • Stressing his own Concern at all foiins of discrimination on grounds of race, origin, colour, culture and so* he Invoked, God’s blessing,bn the efforts, of: thd league for crest wiff.

a hotter climate between Ckri&Mons, and Jews, ; ■■ The leader of the British Labour Party, Mr Harold Wilson, greets the Israeli Premier, Mrs Golda Melr, at Helsinki.

Air¬ craft operating from the Egyptian airfields in the Nile delta would have a long way to fly to reach Israeli targets.

Permission to use Syrian air¬ fields either for direct operations or for landing after attacking Israeli targets would give many advantages to tho Egyptians, Drinking to a peaceful year Td Aviv Israelis uro drinking piore now?

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., ill TIIE ORGAN OF BRITISH JEWRY- ESTABLISH ED 1841 Friday, June 11, 1971 Sivan 18, 5731 7’a new jicnce to apologise From our C«xi; i Jobes Dr J. , Minister, has been urged: J Eliemio Malim, a leading t' Parly MP, lo repmlb!? Her speech came only a few hours after had revealed that President Sadat had told the Egyptian Army kready for battle before the end of the year, k u reported to have offered un - Won ot the ceasefire for a fur- helve months but warned that fldld not partially, withdraw occupied Sinai in the first ont&j and completely by the i sis months Egypt would the right to liberate the ter- ling President Sadat’s con- for the canal opening, Mrs jra SBTOi.

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