Inserting updating and deleting data with the objectdatasource Pantyhose sex chats

This also means that parameters must be the exact same names as the properties of the object returned by the Select Method as these will be used for the fields in the Databound Control.

There is no problem is I am writing the select and update methods and can make sure that the parameter names of both methods have the same names, but if the methods are third party ....

I tried using code behind to change the Update Parameters in Object Data Source_Updating, but they still get reset to values passed by the Databound Control.

How do I get the objectdatasource to use the Delete method with the parameter that is not an Employee object?

Details View automatically shows the ten properties as ten fields. The Details View has Auto Generate Edit Button=true.

But occasionly (for delete functions) only the Got to this question hoping to solve this exact dilemma, and after trying what other answers propose, got to the conclusion that you just CAN'T mix methods.Either all your methods (Insert, Update, Delete) have: When the Data Object Type Name property is set and the Object Data Source control is associated with a data-bound control, the methods that are specified by the Insert Method and Delete Method properties must each have one parameter of the type that is specified in the Data Object Type Name property.In case when Data Object Type Name is used instead of separate parameters, the business object you are using will work.You need to check all the input values and their data types are valid or not. You can refer the tutorial: Thanks, Thanks, but the examples all have exact number of parameters with the exact same names for the Select Method as well as the Update Method.For example, the first article has SELECT ID, Name, Location FROM Details for the Select Method and UPDATE Details set [email protected], [email protected] WHERE [email protected]

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I think i could still get concurrency exceptions on deletes with the above approach - which is what i wanted at the time - to make use of Linq To Sql's built in conflict detection/concurrency features.

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