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As such, it’s the cuckold’s responsibility to help prepare his wife.

A woman is considered ‘owned’ when she – and her husband – have not only become submissive to the black Dom, but a further commitment to the lifestyle is made.

This is an important intimacy for the couple to share prior to a date just as the sharing of details is following a date.

Dates aren’t always though – in fact, more couples will entertain their bull at home than date.

Unfortunately, blacks are no different in reality than any other racial group when it comes to the ratio of true Doms and most black guys are assertive bulls at best and simply selfish guys at worst – but this is no different than any other ethnic group.

That sacrifice is important to his role as a cuckold.

Yes, the term refers to impregnation and the use of the term is intentional to imply a certain level of submission.

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We commonly use the breeding term with animals, but I caution you to not get caught up in that but rather to consider the submissive nature of the wife who is black owned and the submission of the husband who has accepted and supported this change to their marriage.

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