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Hopefully parents will find some name inspiration here.The name Arlen ranked on the top 1000 list in the US from the 1920's to the 1960's.And there's always That someone who who knew a guy or gal who had that name and was a real pain in the rear growing up. Well the government will hound parents for a name if they don't receive paperwork with the babies name filled out from the hospital.So there's that, but there's also people who bug and pester to know the name.There is a reality show on CMT, Party Down South, and a fan favorite is named Lyle Boudreaux.Fun fact, my husband grew up in the country on a road called Boudreaux.Welcome your baby boy into this world with a beautiful name.Research suggests that a name can have a lot of impact in shaping a child's future. Select your baby's name from our vast, up to date database. We even have a Baby Name Generator to make this job easier for you.

Get the perfect first name and/or middle name for your boy.

Children are who they are, regardless of the ancient meaning behind their given names. It is one of the largest cities in the great State of Texas (my home— born and raised Texan right here! Whether the baby will grow up to be a cowboy or not, Dallas is the kind of name that will make him stand out. Dallas ranks 255 on the list of most popular baby names.

Dallas was also a popular tv show which ran from 1978 to May 1991.

Spider Woman Screaming Spirit First name of vampire from TV show (soon to be movie) "Dark Shadows" Another name for Devil Scary spirit - don't say it 3 times!

From the movie The Blair Witch Project Ghost Legend Pirate Ghost Legendary horror movie actor, Boris Karloff Skeletal Exclamation of Scare Vampire Slayer Stephen King's Telekinetic Teen A Friendly Ghost Extremely Disorganized The color of blood Cruella De Vil, villain from Disney's "101 Dalmations" One-Eyed Boy from the movie "The Omen" Villains Vader & Maul from "Star Wars" Of the Devil Vampire from novel and movie of same name.

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