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One will find neighborhoods that are either predominantly Sunni or predominantly Shi`ah.In areas where Sunni and Shiite intermingle, there are militias defending the major sect and they may try to obstruct the presence of families from the other sect.I met an Iraqi man, quite by accident in a chat room online less than two weeks ago. He is Sunni, but not an extremist, doesn't attend mosque, but believes in God.His mother was killed in an explosion several years ago.

Ahmed said, “When the Iraqi government was formed in 1921, it was not sectarian.

Daniel Pipes replies: "Bewildered" received many replies to her inquiry. 5 at where she explains her reasons to continue on with the Iraqi man.

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With the continuing sectarian strife in several areas of the Iraqi capital, one might be surprised to find that the cultured Baghdadi youth remain uninfluenced when it comes to marriage.

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I'm aware of the adage: if it sounds too good to be true..., but I don't know what he could want from me.

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