Is ashley argota dating with nathan kress

Ashley Argota, (born January 9, 1993 in Redlands, California), is a teen actress and singer, who appeared as Kathy, the gossiping fast-talking teenage girl who revealed the reason Miss Ackerman was crying in the episode i Have a Lovesick Teacher.

She is best known for playing Lulu on True Jackson VP, a show in which both Jennette Mc Curdy and Nathan Kress have guest starred.

True is not a very good cook, but is convinced that everybody loves her cooking.

She speaks fluent Icelandic in the episode "True Takes Iceland" and she can also speak fluent Swahili because her mother was born in Ghana while her father was born in New York City (as revealed in the episode "True Intrigue").

Lulu (Ashley Argota) is one of True's best friends; they met at space camp.

Lulu is incredibly smart in school, but is known not to think things through. She became True's assistant in the first episode after True fired the previous one, Cricket.

We may not have time to write novel-length sappy 'Grams anymore, but that's just because we're too busy living the most amazing life that I could have ever imagined...

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This caused True to get jealous and reveal that she still has feelings for him.You are loved by so many, and I hope you know that will never change.Happy First Birthday, my dearest daughter A post shared by Nathan Kress (@nathankress) on "Happy Anniversary, my dearest.Amanda, another VP, is constantly trying to get True fired.True loves to help people, especially Max, even if it may cost her job.

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