Is dating harder for smart people

Moreover (and this is particularly true for women) success at dating often flies in the face of what success at other areas of life look like: Huh?This makes no sense to a smart person who otherwise wants to just go for it, not knowing that just going for what (or who) they want doesn’t necessarily work, particularly when they’re dealing with other humans who have their own interests or what they want that may not necessarily line up with theirs.It is a rational, thought out decision – not a circumstance of their situation.It’s easy to think that smart people have it easier in life than the average joe.

Therefore, intelligent people realize that being alone is better than being with the wrong person. So, in essence, most really smart people are single because they want to be.

Because smart people tend to spend much of their lives in their heads, deep into their ideas and are often insatiably curious, they know how much they don’t know.

Every time they read or learn something new, they realize how much more about the world there is to understand.

Smart people prefer to be honest and objective — even when the result is an awkward or uncomfortable social situation.

Especially when younger, smart people are sometimes taken aback when they discover that most people follow conventional dating rules that don’t make rational sense, like not accepting a last minute date or feigning disinterest in order to manipulate someone’s perception of what they’re be like or give the impression that they are mysterious and interesting to give the other person the thrill of the chase.

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When they seek out social activities, they tend to gravitate to like-minded people that share their interests, who are by definition harder to find in greater society.

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