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Nick Cannon (2008-2015) – Carey began dating American rapper and actor, Nick Cannon in February 2008 and got married on April 30 of that year. James Packer (2015 – 2016) – Mariah began dating Australian billionaire James Packer from June 2015 and she subsequently announced their engagement on January 21, 2016.They together have two children named Moroccan and Monroe Cannon. However, they called off their engagement in October in the same year.Mariah Carey is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress of the millennium.

The goddess of charismatic Mariah owns several exquisite mansions and estates in the US.

She appeared in 1999 romantic comedy film The Bachelor for her role as Ilana.

From 1990 to 2008, she appeared in a total of 4 episodes as musical guest in late night TV show Saturday Night Live. They together do a lot of cardio, weight training, and aquatic exercises like swimming for toning the body. Coppola also makes his clients eat 6 small meals a day to increase metabolism and hence lose more weight.

The house features fours detached building boasting 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with all the features required for the songstress to have a perfect holiday.

The Fleur De Lys, Mariah and her ex-husband Nick Cannon’s regal and titanic estate sits on 5 acre land of Beverly Hills, which is dedicated to luxury and style.

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The couple became engaged on December 25, 1992, and eventually married on June 5, 1993. Eddie Griffin (1996 – 1997) – Mariah began dating American actor Eddie Griffin in July 1996, when she wrote a song for him titled “Fourth of July” which is the date when they first met. Derek Jeter (1997 – 1998) – Mariah Carey and American baseball player Derek Jeter had a brief relationship from December 1997 to November 1988.

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