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It was just a side of me, a real part of me very creative lie i am with all the Skye Sweetnam records.But there are other sides of me and one of them includes Sumo Cyco.I’ve also been a huge fan of horror movies and film.So I love doing lots of video and I have some crazy ideas in my head.When you make it a Skye Sweetnam song, I think it confused people in Toronto, as a lot of people got the impression that I was covering his song rather than the fact that we had written that song originally for my album and he kind of re-wrote the verses for his album.I think it was hard for the average listener to understand what I was trying to accomplish. Do you plan on resuming your solo career at some point?

It was a goal to be successful as a teen pop singer.

RSC: What was it like opening for Britney Spears playing to all those big crowds so early in your career? What sixteen year old wouldn’t want to be traveling the world, playing for thousands of people having a blast. SS: If you notice I kind of have two alter egos going on.

SS: It was intense, it prepared me for anything people can throw at me now. The reason I’ve done that is I feel I want to be able to express myself like, dark rocker, crazy mixing metal with dance hall, and all the elements I love in Sumo Cyco.

I had done the whole record with Capitol Records in the States.

Then it just so happens because of the industry re-organizing itself with MP3‘s and itunes and everything was coming along around the time my second record was supposed to be released.

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