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The biggest nightclub on Ambergris Caye is Jaguars.The Princess Hotel and Casino offers a floor show every weekend.Each spring has diverse characteristics, healing properties and a distinct taste.The springs are believed to have magic healing powers, and are said to help with skin ailments, assist with digestion and more!It is located on the Avenue of Pines in the Joseph Bruno Pavilion, opposite the Saratoga Automobile Museum, a former bottling plant. Note: this spring is considered to have the strongest tasting water. Charlie Spring The most recently drilled spring in the Spa Park is located near the Hall of Springs entrance to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Dake, one of Saratoga’s leading community figures of the twentieth century. Polaris Spring The Polaris Spouter is located on the Loop Road in the heart of the park.The small quantities of radon gas present in this pleasant tasting water are viewed with some skepticism by American health professionals, while in Europe and Japan, drinking small doses of radon is considered beneficial. Geyser Island Spouter The Island Spouter and the Polaris Spring are accurately called “spouters,” but the Geyser Island Spouter is locally referred to as “the Geyser.” An island of hardened minerals surrounds this spring. Hayes Well Spring Near the parking area for the Geyser Island Spouter is the Hayes Well Spring.

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At the height of its popularity, long lines of people waited each morning to start the day with a glass or two of this bracing water.

Benefits: slightly cleansing due to its magnesium content.

Experienced travelers tend to follow the advice of locals and head off to the chica bars that spring up and dot most any population center in Belize.

Dating is easier in the high volume tourism spots such as San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Placencia and increasingly in southern Belize.

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