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The show’s publicist declined to comment on their red-carpet plans, saying they are still being shaped. This moment has made us all rethink where we’re coming from.”The carpet has also at times been a venue for activism, beginning with the red H. V./AIDS ribbons of the 1990s and extending to blue ampersands for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and blue ribbons for the A. For men, the space has traditionally been less fraught—just how far wrong can you go with a tuxedo? “Hey, women are getting paid more than the men to wear these gowns,” said Melissa Rivers, who used to cover the red carpet with her mother, Joan, with irreverence.In the last 10 to 15 years, as designers perceived the money to be made from associations with movie stars, and stylists joined the actress’s entourage, the red carpet has become big business. “So chalk one up for us.” Now it’s an awkward time for men on the red carpet, too, as they don their Time’s Up pins and recite their publicists’ suggested mantras about this being a “time for listening.” “It’s hard to be a man these days,” William December after learning her male co-host had been paid almost twice what she had.It was awkward, it was on message, and it was great live television as Rancic held a microphone with the E!

Entertainment journalists had prepared for an unusual evening at this year’s Golden Globes.

It’s a work of art.’ Just because I know who made my shoes doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion about everything else.

We can hold multiple thoughts in our heads at the same time.”Siriano backed the idea of naming brands on the TV screen during an actress’s interview, to allow both facets of the red carpet to coexist.

Our employees’ salaries are based on their roles and their expertise, regardless of gender.”The red carpet has always been one of Hollywood’s most gendered spaces, where women are interrogated about their appearance and men about their work.

Actresses are expected to fill in the Mad Libs of the live interview with an assortment of uplifting words and time-honored phrases, such as “amazing,” “collaboration,” “fabulous,” “inspiration,” “team,” and “opens next Friday,” as they teeter in high heels through a gauntlet of cameras and handlers.

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doesn’t believe in paying their female co-hosts the same as their male co-hosts,” Messing said on-camera as matter-of-factly as if she were naming the designer of her dress.

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