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And, it’s not so under the radar, but Bibou is also one of my favorite restaurants. Chef David Katz at Mémé just got a big shout out from by the way.

With Love: Ok, impressive run so far, but we’ve got more questions.

With Love: The Phillie Phanatic — great mascot or greatest mascot? Carroll: Tough question, but I can’t go two days without eating a hoagie.

Carroll: Greatest ever, who couldn’t love a big green furry creature?! I wish Sarcone’s was open 24 hours a day so I could get my fix after work every night.

It was in New York City where she worked as sous chef at Eric Ripert’s prestigious Le Bernardin.

Is there another piece of news about your restaurant that you would like to share with our readers at this time?

With Love: You’re right, tough question but great answer.

We would totally sign a petition supporting a 24-hour Sarcone’s…

Carroll: The Ritz-Carlton space is absolutely gorgeous; it’s a 101-year old-building.

A fun little fact is that my great-grandfather worked in this building years ago.

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