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Hope you got a prenup:“Jessica, who started dating Jerry Seinfeld weeks after returning from her honeymoon with then-husband Eric Nederlander, may have borrowed graciously from the Kaavya Viswanathan playbook, allegedly having ripped off the recipes of a less famous, less hot author, Missy Chase Lapine.

“At one point, (The View) Barbara Walters inevitably brings up the small matter of the other cookbook on the same topic released several months earlier: Jessica writes off her competitor’s concerns as merely an effort to “look for cracks” in someone else’s success (sharing the same highly specific premise and 15 identical recipes, presumably, amounting to a sizable fissure).

These combos are uncommon, yet one year later, appears in Seinfeld’s book. They do something unethical and deceitful, then go into PR mode when they get outed on it, trying to discredit their accusers.

They even ripped off Lapine’s book cover and changed it after they received complaints about the similarities – both chefs winking, posing with carrots (Harper Collins moved the carrots from behind Seinfeld’s back to on the counter of the book cover). Jerry Seinfeld called “The Sneaky Chef” Lapine “wacko.” How macho of you slamming a woman on national TV that your wife ripped off. If it weren’t for her, your wife wouldn’t have a book, job or claim to fame other than sleeping with you while she was still married to another dude. They always opt for calling people crazy, wacko or kooks, when Hollywood the industry (not the city) is the land of so called crazies, wackos and kooks.

Jerry, have a read of the following quotes, especially the public feedback section below, and maybe tomorrow you can make some calls and book another show to slam the author and mother of two she ripped off, you know, like you did last week on Letterman.

Then maybe you can make some more calls and buy your wife some good publicity and purchase some standard Hollywood libel against the author she has ripped off and defrauded, if it will make your adulteress wife feel better.

Read the New York Times article yesterday, where Jessica tells the latest (and most ridiculous) version of how she met Jerry, supposedly after she dumped Nederlander, even though all the facts and the interviews at the time contradict her spin?

Note to the Oprah Winfrey Show: while I know you all read this site, as it’s come up in the site stats here, and I do think you mean well in a lot of things (with the exception of that “most homophobic nation” slur, among other things – what? ), your research department is letting the show down.

In 2007 Jessica Seinfeld ripped off 15 uncommon puree styled recipes from Missy Chase Lapine’s 2006 copyrighted book “The Sneaky Chef.” This isn’t everyday common stuff.

She has done nothing but write a book that was clearly plagiarized by Jessica Sklar Nederlander Seinfeld–who, as most of us in New York know, is famous for being a cheater.

Posted: Nov 2, 2007 at pm Havent we seen enough from the Seinfelds to last a lifetime now?

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