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The woman – whom WNDU is calling “Tonya” for purposes of the story – said “It got pretty intense fairly quickly.

It can be hard to keep up with Internet dating trends these days, and sometimes you don't even know that you've been 'ghosted' until you read about the term in two months later.

will introduce you to Russian brides seeking their dream, romance, love and marriage.

If you are looking for love you have come to the right place.

The day comes, and for whatever reason your date cancels on you - however, they still make an effort to keep in touch. and they keep you interested by still texting you so your attention doesn't go elsewhere.

Basically, they don't want to put the effort in to meet you, but don't want you going off with anyone else either.

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You already know to be wary whenever you go online, so you don't fall prey to the various types of scammers, thieves, con artists, hackers, malware-writers and other threats that proliferate on the Internet.

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