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Lacey Chabert - actress on Party of Five Larisa Oleynik - Secret World of Alex Mack Larry Adler - world famous harmonica player Larry David - writer-producer Larry Fine - one of The Three Stooges Larry Floyd Matthews - Country singer/accordianist Larry Gelbart - Mash producer Larry Kramer- AIDS activist/Playwright (The Normal Heart, The Destiny of Me) Larry Storch - F Troop actor Laura Bertam - actress on the Disney Channel's 'Ready or Not' Laura Nyro - singer Laura Shaff - Bon Vivant, Girl About Town Lauren Bacall - actress Laurence Tolhurst - Original drummer of The Cure Laurin Sydney - Showbiz Today CNN Lawrence Harvey - born Skikne - actor Lawrence Harvey - famous actor Lawrence Hershon- little in the middle but he got much back Leah Remini - actress , sitcom Fired Up Leaving Las Vegas, The Saint, etc... Lee Grant - actress/director Lee Konitz - musician (jazz saxophonist) Lee Strasberg - acting teacher Lee Strassberg - actor Lee Zurik (CBS Sports Anchor) Lee, Michelle - actress - Knots Landing Leiber and Stoller - composers, producers, writers, (HOUND DOG, STAND BY ME, JAILHOUSE ROCK) Lena Brenner - story teller Lenny Bruce - comic Lenny Kravitz - singer, guitarist Leo Genn-famous British actor(Quo Vadis) Leo Gorcey - actor Leo Rosten -author Joys of yiddish Leon Askin - actor, director (General Burkhalter in Hogan's Heroes) Leonard Bernstein - composer, conductor Leonid Kogan - world class violinist Leslie Ann Warren - actress jewish?

Leslie Gore - singer Leslie Howard - actor Leslie Howard - British actor, in Gone With The Wind, Killed as Leslie Nielsen, actor (Airplane, Mr.

Here are but a few in the field of "comedy" which is 90% Jewish dominated!

Roseanne Barr, David Brenner, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Sid Caesar, Richard Dawson, Don Adams, Norm Crosby, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Fran Drescher, Adam Sandler, Jason Alexander, George Jessel, Alan King, Carl Reiner, Don Rickles, Martha Reye, Garry Shandling, and Henry Winkler Your list of random authors, playwrites, fictional characters and other obscurities has some real howlers.

Greenberg - songwriter (Funkytown) Steven Spielberg - producer, director Steven Tyler - lead singer in the music group Aerosmith Steven Weber - actor (Wings) Stewart, Jon - comedian Streisand, Barbara - director, singer, producer Stuart Pankin - former host of HBO *Not Necessarily the News Stuart Whitman - film actor Stuttering John Melendezbaum - He looks as good as he talks! G on "Homicide" Yaphet Kotto - famous actor Yarema Hutsaliuk - famous American/French writer Yasha Heifetz - violinist Yasmine Bleeth - actress (father jewish) Yehudi Menuhin - world class Violonist Yetnikoff, Walter - (ex-manager of Michael Jackson) Yul Brynner - definitely jewish screen actor Yuri Rasovsky - Peabody Award-winning radio dramatist Yves Montand - real name Ivo Livi, famous french singer Zachary Hines - son of Gregory and jewish wife Zeppo Marx - comedian (Marx Brothers) Zero Mostel - actor, comedian, painter Zohra Lampert - actress Zuehra Elfassia - famous singer, Morocco The following are half-Jewish; Joan Collins, Goldie Hawn, Paul Newman, Robert De Niro and Geraldo Rivera.

Jews in the music field include, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Tony Martin, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand.

Entertaiment Melvyn Douglas - actor Menahem Golan - Israeli producer/director Mendel Feibush - famous yiddish character actor Meredith Bishop - actress 'Secret World Of Alex Mack' Meyers, Ari - actress / Kate and Allie Michael Berrin - M. Search formally of rd Bass Michael Bolton - singer Michael Buchmann Silver - actor (DA on NYPD Blue) Michael Douglas - (Kirk's son) actor Michael Fishman - actor-roseanne Michael Gelman - producer of Regis and Kathie Lee Michael Gross- actor (Family Ties) Michael J.

Michael Wolf - musician Michael Zaslow - Roger Thorpe on The Guiding Light Michel Berger, french composer and singer (tycoon) Michel Boujenah - famous french actor Michele Landsberg - newspaper columnist and jewish Womens' activist Michelle Tractenberg - actress in the movie Harriet The Spy Mick Green - Rock guitarist with the Pirates (was Johnny Kidd and the Pirates) Mick Jones - musician from the Clash/B. ) romanian entertainer Missy Yager - is currently in the Anne Frank play on Broadway Mitul Patel - jewish/Indian actor Mitzi Gaynor - actress, Dancer, singer Moe Howard - one of The Three Stooges Moe Kauffman - Canadian jazz great Moira Shearer - famous actress now deceased Molly Picon - actress Molly Ringwald - Brat Pack actress Monty Hall - game show host Mordechai Richler - famous Montreal writer Morie Amsterdam - actor, comedian Morley Safer - Television journalist ( Minutes) Morris Carnovsky, actor Mort Sahl - comedy Moshe Weinberg - (Vainberg) Russian composer Mr. R Nora Ephron - writer/director Norm Crosby - standup comic Norman Corwin - pioneer writer, producer, director of American Radio Drama Norman Greenbaum - 'Spirit in the Sky' musician Norman Lear - All In The Family Creator Ofra Haza - Israeli singer Omri Katz - actor Oscar Hammerstein - deceased composer of Broadway musicals Oscar Levant - pianist Otto Klemperer - Orchestral conductor Owens, Ronn - San Francisco/Los Angeles Talk Show Host Pamela Anderson - Playboy model (born Joan Goldstein) Pat Benatar - famous singer Pat Nash - real name-Jacob Goldberg/actor (Three Penny Opera) Patinkin, Mandy - actor (Chicago Hope) Patricia Richardson actress/home improvement Patricia Wettig - actress Thirty Something Patrick Bruel - French singer Paul Auster - author and poet Paul Cohen - Quebecer guitarist Paul Kossoff - guitarist english group free Paul Mazursky - director, beautiful, meaningful films Paul Mc Kellar - Nazi Hunter, Nationally recognized lectur on Holocaust events.

pm EST) Stan Getz - world famous saxophonist Stanley Drucker World - ranked clarinetist, NY Philharmonic Orchestra Stanley Kubrick - director of 'A Clockwork Orange' Steinman, Jim - composer for Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion Stepfanie Kramer - actress Hunter Stephanie Powers - actress Stephen Evans - writer/director/actor Stephen Perkins - drummer, Jane's Addiction Stephen R. James - actress Susan Strasberg - daughter of Lee, stage and screen actress Susanna Hoffs - singer in the Bangles Suzanne Pleshette - costar of The Bob Newhart Show Suzy Mamann Greenberg - producer of Seinfeld Swoozie Kurtz - actress/Sisters jewish? Tony Cowley (born Kaulish) - also a wanker Tony Curtis - (Bernard Schwartz - real name) Tony Goldwyn - actorghost Tony Kushner - Playwright (Angels in America) Tony Martin - singer Tony Parisi - of The Village People (cowboy) Tony Randall (Leonard Rosenberg - real name) Tori Spelling - no talent actress Totie Fields - comedienne Tracy Pollan - actress, wife of Michael J Fox Trevor Rabin - Yes Tristan Tzara - (real name Sami Rosenstein) the Dadaist Movement Uri Geller - Spoon-bending magician Ustinov, Peter - an actor Vic Morrow - actor Vic Tayback - TV co-star of Alice Victor Borge - (Borge Rosenbaum) pianist and humourist Viola Spolins - inventor of theater games Vladimir Horowitz - Pianist Wallace Shawn - actor (Princess Bride, Toy Story, Clueless) Walter Lippman - journalist/ founded the New Republic Walter Mathau - actor and comedian Walter Matthau - comedian, actor Walter Mosley - writer (mother is jewish) Warren Mitchell - actor Warren Mitchell - British actor, especially TV Wayne and Shuster - comedians Wendy Liebman - comedienne Wendy Mallick - actress (mostly sitcoms) Werner Klemperer - (Klink on Hogan's Heroes, son of Otto K.) Will Self - British writer (mother) William Daniels - actor St.

Kuntz - famous attorney at law Stephen Schwartz - lyricist/composer Stern, Howard - king of all media Steve Goodman - singer Steve Guttenberg - actor Steve Lawrence - popular singer-real name Sidney Liebowitz Steve Levy - (ESPN-Sportscenter) Steve Page - lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies Steve Reich - American composer of minimalist music Steven Adler - ex drummer for Guns n Roses Steven Bochco - producer of NYPD Blue, L. Law, Hill Street Blues Steven Lovy - writer/director of Circuitry Man Steven P. Sydney Pollack - director/producer Sydney Rome - famous actress Syl Sylvain - Member of New York Dolls sylvia sydney - actress Taylor Dayne - singer Ted Koppel - television Newscaster (ABC Niteline) The Beastie Boys - rap group, all jewish The Greaseman (Doug Tracht) - Nationally known radio shock jock The King Ad Rock (Adam Horovitz) - rap musician, Beastie Boys Theda Bara - Silent actress, original 'vamp' Theodore Bikel - actor / Fiddler on the Roof Thomas Shlamme - director Tim Burton - director (Edward Scissorhands) Tina Louise - actress (Gilligan's 'Ginger' from the Hebrew word 'Jinji') Todd Suchman, Styx drummer Tom Arnold - actor Tom Bosley - Mr. Elswhere William Finn - composer (Falsettos) William Goldman - screenwriter (The Princess Bride) Williams, Robin - actor (Said he was Jewish on "Oprah") Wolf Blitzer - CNN journalist Woody Strode - black man from Spartacus Yaakov Agam - modern painter/sculptor Yaasha Heifitz - famous violinist Yaki Margulies - well known artist in sea-town Yaphet Kotto - actor, Capt.

Magoo) Leslie Stahl - Sixty Minutes Lilli Palmer - actress Linda (Epstein) Eastman - Paul Macartney's wife Linda Lavin - TV Show Alice Linda Rondstat -singer jewish grandparents Lindsey Crouse - actress (Daniel) Lisa Bonet - ex-wife of Lenny Kravitz Lisa Edelstein - actress/Relativity Lisa Kudrow - TV Star-Friends Lisa Loeb - singer with band Nine Stories (spelling?

) Liv Tyler - actress daughter of Steven Tyler Liz Sheridan - actress (plays Jerry's mom on Seinfeld) Lloyd Bochner - Canadian Shakespearean actor, also in Naked Gun, father of Hart Bochner Lorenzo Lamas - actor (jewish mom) Lori Beth Denberg - actress on the show All That Lorne Greene - actor, Bonanza star Lorne Michaels - TV producer (created Saturday Night Live) Lorraine Bracco - actress (Goodfellas) Lorraine Newman - Saturday Night Live Lou Reed - musician Louie Nye (Neistat) - comedian Louis, Julia - actress Louise Lasser - Mary Hartman Louise Rainer-fine actress Louise Wener - Frontwoman Britpop band Sleeper Lyle Waggoner - comedian and former costar of The Carol Burnett Show Lynn Samuels - radio talk show host, WABC radio Madeline Kahn - actress (Clue, Nixon) Maeve Kinkead - actress-guiding light Major Dad - (the old) Cosby Show Malcolm Gets - actor (Richard on Caroline in the City) Malcolm Mc Laren--manager/impresario of the Sex Pistols Manfred Mann - musician Mara Wilson - child actress in Miracle on th St, Mrs.

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