Little black book of dating red flags

You have different goals, and therefore you are a mismatch. He is looking forward to a brighter, happier future with a lovely woman! I say, he is not ready for a relationship with you or anyone else, he needs to go through the grieving stage and fully process his loss.

By the way, with this type of a man you won't even need to bother with the hassle of breaking up. He is not dating to form a relationship with you (or anyone else), he is dating to either punish his ex, to forget her, to dull the pain he is in right now or just for the sake of distraction. (See my article: Will he get back together with his ex?

If the guy you are dating is pressuring you to take things to the 'next level' he IS NOT afraid to offend or to lose you.

And since he is not afraid to ruin what you are currently having together it means he 1) does not care 2) he is not that into you.

The UNimportant things (people or events) get either re-scheduled or canceled.

Here is what happening: he is looking to get laid and since having a meaningful relationship is not on his agenda He IS NOT LOOKING to have a relationship with you.

Too often, women suffer anguish when they are forced to recognize that all those warning signs that they ignored have now reached critical mass.

With its real-life relationship disaster stories, this lively new cautionary guide by three gal pals is instructive, but it's also heartening and entertaining: There is something undeniably invigorating about discovering that you're not the only one out there who has been hoodwinked by an all-too-good Casanova.

His inattention means the same as in the above example - he is not that into you.

If he were, you would NOT have to worry about creating excuses of his lame behavior and by the way, your creating justification is already a red flag in itself.

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Do not date a man who sees you as 'unimportant'; unimportant means 'not into you'. Now, imagine him looking at these toys and watch his eyes. Here is the catch - naïve and in denial woman will give him a justifying ADD label (attention deficit disorder) and will continue dating him.

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