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Dear David, I was wondering what would be the best way to tell my boyfriend that I would like to be spanked while he is fucking me...

or maybe even tied to the bed and "forced" to be submissive.

All this because fantasies focus on the sexiest organ in a woman's body -- Women are capable of much more sex than a man. So when you are leading her through all these experiences and she is able to surrender and just go wild, she will be one of the happiest women on the planet. She will want you to feel as good and be as happy as she is.

At the starting level, you are acting dominant, it's dirty talk or spanking.

What she dreams about is a man who can lead her, so she can surrender to his dominance and sexually be out of control. Yes you should treat your woman with respect, and that includes respecting her wishes to be dominated in the bedroom. Understanding the submissive mind is a powerful tool for the man who really cares about his woman.

One of the big ones is the You know, the one that says men and women are the same.

There is a huge difference between equal respect and being the same.

Women are desperately seeking relief from unfulfilled sexual desires It's no secret women are unfulfilled. Once he did get just a little rough and it really turned me on, as a matter of fact I came during doggie style when he pulled my hair.

Research has shown this since 1947 when the Kinsey institute began to collect data on the sex lives of Americans. He did not hurt me, just engaged other parts of my body.

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