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Met a girl online, all going well..seemed keen and i was getting to like her. Part of me wanted to see if I could try and get in to her knickers anyway and get her cherry, but another part of me thought that it was going to be a mission and there was no way I wasn't going to try before I buy, so didn't see her again. Yet.5) Met some girl from Po F, arranged a date and she came down and met me. She'd lost a tampon up there from her previous monthleys that had finished a few days earlier. I said a flirty but dirty remark, and she said that she was still a virgin and didn't plan on sleeping with anyone until she was married.

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So after meeting one particular lady uptown we are having dinner when for some reason she promptly turns round and tells me 'she has herpes' not one to make others feel uncomfortable I said "Awww that won't affect us" obviously I never moved to the second date Another date ended up back at her house for 'drinks' which actually ended up in her getting smashed and passing out in the toilet and as I was searching for a cab her 18 year old lad came home and we had a chat and a few beers So come on.... Disco I met a bird on a night out in Clapham a few years back - didn't have the name saved in my phone and couldn't remember exactly what she looked like.

there must be some corking stories between us KUMB members... Met up with her mid week and didn't know her name and had to work out who it was by who answered the phone when I called.

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