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Wherever you travel around the world you will have a bit of an exotic factor working in your favor.Think about the French guys with their sexy accents that kill it whenever they go to a new land.The two biggest Chinese dating sites for locals are Jiayuan and Baihe.They both have huge user bases but if you don’t speak the local language, and speak it well, you might be overwhelmed.That means while even though there are more guys than women on the site only about 5% of the guys (if even that many) can start a conversation.That means for the foreign men who shell out a few bucks to use the site they are in some very fertile lands with tons of single Chinese women and not a lot of competition.China Love Match is another decent option but it has a lot smaller female user base than Cupid.Those would be the best dating sites to meet English speaking women in China seeking foreign men.

A decent free site would be Datein Asia, but your time will not be used as effectively here.Thanks for checking out our guide to the best dating sites to meet women in China seeking foreign men online.We are going to break this post down into a few sections, and a lot of guys will only be able to use some of them.While some guys don’t like to pay to sign up for a dating site we feel like Cupid does it the right way.They allow anyone to sign up, but only paying members can send the first message.

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