Meta dll finished updating 12 platinum

I am able to successfully install but not able to start why???

Still happening 5 months later, and I have ot agree the lack of AA is kind of ruining the experience, can anyone comment is it only on certain types of AMD/ATI cards?

I have tried using the latest 14.4 driver and the beta 14.4, but was using an earlier driver just fine a few days ago, and tried rolling back to it in between.

I have also updated my Realtek driver to R273, to no effect.

Here’s some info my specific windows version: Version: 1511, OS Build: 10586.218 …an example app crash looks like: Process File : notepad Event Name : Stopped working Event Time : 4/14/2016 PM User Name : All Users Exception Code : 0xe06d7363 Exception Offset : 0x000bdad8 Fault Module Name : Fault Module Version: 10.0.10586.162 Process Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad \notepad The question I would have is why is notepad conflicting w/ this particular windows update. Windows 10 was “nice enough” to reinstall this KB and sure enough after rebooting NP stopped working again (as described above).

Thanks Hello @Don-Mason, just finished updating my win10/x64 Pro to the mentioned build version. And also sure enough after uninstalling this very patch and rebooting, NP started working again. Also, here’s my NP debug info: Notepad v6.9.1 Build time : Mar 28 2016 - Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad \notepad Admin mode : OFF Local Conf mode : OFF OS : Windows 10 Plugins : HTMLTag_JSLint JSMin mime Npp Npp Npp Plugin Poor Mans TSql Formatter Npp Tidy2Web Edit As I, and maybe others as well, don’t have an issue I don’t think it can be a general npp problem.

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