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Over forty with three kids at home is a hard enough sell the way it is with out the attitude.

INFJs are reserved, while ESFPs can be rather bold attention-seekers.

There are only six squares between the conservatory room's entryway and Mrs. When you enter a room, try to make an accusation using two or three of the cards that you have in your hand.

When you use all three cards in your accusation, you will likely throw everyone for a loop since nobody can disprove these suspicions.

If you don't have those detective sheets on hand, don't worry.

When you think you know the answers to win the game, you may still lose if you can't get your piece into the room where you think the "murder" took place.

So it follows that you need to get to that room in as few moves as possible.

As you continue with the game, the next time you make an accusation, be sure to try something else entirely, drawing attention away from your first accusation.

Clue isn't a game that lends itself well to teamwork.

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Not that there is anything wrong with that but it will leave a potential match with the impression that you were willing to have kids but were afraid to commit to marriage.

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