Mitchel musso and selena gomez dating

She is taking everything day by day and focusing on herself and her music."The source added that Gomez has been working a lot on new music (the new album will be out in 2020 now) and building her relationships with friends and family.

"Selena has been spending a lot of time with her family and friends, being low-key," the source explained.

I don't think Justin is going to propose to Selena because just because they are going out does not mean they are going to be engaged!!

The Disney Channel series that launched Miley Cyrus' career ran for four seasons from 2006-2011.

He also continued acting, first on the MMA show Now: Ashley continues to act — mainly through voice work and recurring roles on television shows.

She also launched Illuminate Cosmetics, a beauty line that her fans have been buying up. , and her real-life coupling with Zac Efron for a time. In addition to the wild success of the HSM franchise, bb v also released the earworm, “Sneakernight,” a pop song about getting ready to go out and hit the town and is still a bop to this day.

Musso is perhaps best known for his role as Oliver Oken in the Emmy Award-nominated Disney Channel sitcom, Hannah Montana and Jeremy Johnson in…

She has been making strides and improvements with her lupus and have had less flare-ups and symptoms."Gomez is also not dating anyone, the source said, but is "open to start putting herself out there again.

Now: Vanessa has been dating Austin Butler for actual years and years, all the while honing her craft, particularly on Broadway.

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Selena Gomez celebrates her 27th birthday today, and she isn't doing it alongside any secret boyfriend. got an update on how her life is going after her appearance as a maid of honor in her cousin Priscilla De Leon's wedding on Friday.

While Gomez has been relatively quiet publicly, in private, she's doing great and is self-focused, a source explained."Selena is doing amazing," a source told the outlet.

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