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A universal scale, not by how much you pleased your partner but by how much you actually enjoyed the act.

For a guy, the issue is typically straightforward; “Did you cum?Proportion of ever-partnered women aged 15-49 years experiencing intimate partner physical and/or sexual violence in the last 12 months.Proportion of women aged 15–49 years experiencing sexual violence perpetrated by someone other than an intimate partner at least once in their lifetime. My parents raised me to believe that the purpose of sex is procreation; that God made man and said: “be fruitful and multiply.” Every time the Bible mentions sex outside of procreation, it has a negative connotation. 38:3-10); Angels destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for lack of repentance (Gen. ); and I am positive that my parents use sex as an expression of their love for each other. However, I think the more important question is: is sex really about power? God made humanity in His image to have dominion over the earth (Gen.

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