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They have a 7-year-old daughter, Alaina, and two cats who keep their lives full of craziness and love.

Ryan and Kaitlyn Sutliff met when Kaitlyn interviewed for a technician position at the LVH-Cedar Crest pharmacy in 2011.

Ryan also was a pharmacy technician at the time, and was the first colleague she met when she came in for an interview.

“He wished me good luck, which clearly worked,” Kaitlyn says.

ASI helps businesses and individuals get their work done easier and faster by using technology.

We have been serving the East Mountains and Albuquerque for over 15 years.

“Being a part of the health network myself for almost four years in central scheduling, it was a goal to have my physical therapist husband come on board with the best health network,” Amy says.

Tim is now a PT at our Trexlertown location for nearly two years.

Beyond that the passion for [her work] lingers.” – Karlene Thompson, BA, MA, MS Director of Student Activities, Long Island University The following list of presentations involved a single client (excluding corporations), as opposed to individuals from many different organizations or associations (like a state, regional or national event.) In many cases, services provided to those listed below included professional staff training at one location, all campus programs, new student or parent orientation, on campus leadership conferences, retreats or training workshops.

The business owner is Nancy Carpenter who has been working with computers, networking, medical development and more for over 25 years.

She was previously a Certified Advanced Facilitator at University of Phoenix and currently is serving as President of the East Mountain Chamber of Commerce.

At that time, there were many single staff members who would go out together after work at the local clubs.

“We socialized as a group for about a year before we started dating in 1991,” Nancy says.

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“Melissa continues to help me remain compliant with my clinical notes and compliant in most all areas of life,” Jerry says.

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