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In latest issue of FRIDAY, there are photos of Arashi’s leader Ohno and someone who seems to be his lover “A” as they left a bedrock bath for his home.‘A’ is 170cm tall, pretty, 24years old and used to be an actress.Acchan AKB48 Arashi E-Girls Golden Bomber Graduation Hey!

When he called Johnny Kitagawa to tell him that he was going to quit, Mr.While it will be a major loss for the Japanese entertainment world when the group eventually parts ways, they have left us enough material to hold on to whenever we feel the emptiness of their presence.Here, we look at five of the most memorable on-screen appearances each of the five members of Arashi have taken part in.Kaibutsu-kun: The Movie became a huge success upon its release in Japan in 2011, earning 3.14 billion yen in box office revenue.While Ohno is usually perceived as a somewhat reserved character in real life, this movie shows another side of him which we, as an audience, don’t get to see every day: the wild and carefree one.

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