Omnigraffle shared layers not updating

The individual inspectors are contained in four separate A set of keys you press to invoke a menu command, or a single character or number key that you press to select one of Omni Graffle’s tools.

You can change Omni Graffle’s default keyboard shortcuts by choosing Omni Graffle ▸ Keyboard Shortcuts from the menu bar.

You can hide and show the rulers by pressing Command-R.

And we’re continuing the ongoing trend of creating EPUB versions of the docs and making them freely available on the i Books Store.

Get the EPUB Our preferred method of delivering the Help docs is via the i Books Store in EPUB format.

When development on Omni Graffle 7 started, we faced a veritable quandary in how we could make a great—and beloved—app even better.

Many of the new features you’ll find in Omni Graffle are inspired by feedback we have received from users like yourself. We take every bit of input, whether from the outside or in, and use those requests as an opportunity to make things better and easier for you to use.

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