On the verge of dating

That’s precisely why a lot of them are leaving the other dating sites—they’re tired of weeks of bullshit online conversations before an awkward interview-ish date.

They just want to exchange a few messages, go out, and see what happens.

Me: you're a fucking liar and I don't wanna talk to you, end of story. By "infectious," I take it you’re referring to syphilis.What are some of your favorite date activities in NYC?We’re both single and found the existing dating sites just so uninspiring; we didn’t think online dating inevitably had to be unsexy or loser-ish, and wanted to create an online dating site that we’d both happily use. We raised a seed round from friends and family—enough to create the website and run the business for about a year.And we’re now working on a Series A round—enough capital to take the product to another level and market it aggressively. Part of what our users really like about How About We is that you can actually tell a huge amount about a person based on the dates they propose.

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There’s a kind of fun, an openness, at the heart of How About We.

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