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If that is the case then you will find it useful to sample a range of other genres, and in particular a range of prose texts.

If you have not read them already, look at: Classics at Cambridge involves the study of philosophy, history, art and archaeology, and philology as well as of the classical languages and literature.

So before you come you should get some of the most central texts under your belt, and begin to explore the sorts of things that scholars do with them. The second part lists some introductory works good for orientation (and as it happens with quite heavy King's connections! The third part lists some classic works of scholarship which offer ways in to Classics which you may not have yet come across.

Welcome to the Anti-Oppression and Allyship Resource Guide!

This is particularly true at King's, where we are impatient to get on with the amazing things one can dig out of Latin and Greek texts - but one can only begin digging once one has read those texts. Read them in English translation, but, if you can, read the suggested parts in Greek (if you have A level or equivalent Greek) or Latin.Professor Cao was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2005, German Academy of Sciences in 2013 and French Academy of Medicine in 2014.He was President of Chinese Society for Immunology for 8 years (2006.10-2014.10).So if you are doing Latin and/or Greek at school it makes sense for you to read in translation the rest of the work you are studying.If you are studying Classical Civilisation then you are likely to be reading a number of whole texts, but often in a limited number of literary genres.

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