Les minous velus se font baiser et se font pénétrer sauvagement par de grosses bites dans cette catégorie.

Ils se font aussi lécher généreusement par les coquins.

En effet, la plupart des femmes ont maintenant la chatte lisse certes, ce n’est pas déplaisant, mais les odeurs corporelles et les sensations sont différentes.

Pollux is a yellowish color, while Castor is white with perhaps a tinge of pale blue.

One other way to distinguish which is which is to notice that Pollux is slightly brighter than Castor.

This situation is called a “midnight culmination,” and marks the time when the star crosses the meridian, an imaginary line drawn from due north, through the zenith overhead, down to the horizon due south, at midnight.

Traditionally the night of midnight culmination is considered the best time for observation because it is the time when the star is in the sky all night long.

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