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However, if the check you wrote was for an amount much higher than what you have in your account, it may be easier for the prosecution to prove you intentionally wrote a bad check.

The prosecution may be able to obtain your bank records to demonstrate how much you had in your account at the time you wrote the check.

A prior bad check, theft or forgery charge may result in your offense being charged as a felony, with harsher consequences.Call our Visalia or Hanford, CA offices at 559-967-7386 or email us at Martens [email protected] a free consultation. Whether a post-dated cheque may be cashed or deposited before the date written on it depends on the country.A Canadian bank, for example, is not supposed to process a post-dated cheque and if it does so by mistake, the cheque writer may ask their bank to correct the error.In the United States and the UK, post-dated cheques are negotiable instruments and can be drawn upon at any time, while in India and Australia post-dated cheques are not payable until the date written on the cheque. (1) Where a cheque, or any indorsement of a cheque, is dated, the date shall, unless the contrary is proved, be presumed to be the day on which the cheque was drawn or the indorsement made, as the case may be.

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If the value of the check was under $450, the offense is generally charged as a misdemeanor.

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