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In general, you’ll find the largest assortment of talent in the larger cities and normally the capitals of these countries.

You’ll also find more liberal women here where you might be able to make things happen quicker than what you’d find in some smaller to mid-sized cities where the more conservative types tend to hang out.

For this reason, a lot of women would like to make it out of the country, to travel or relocate for the longer-term and this is something you must keep in mind during the dating process.

Moscow comes with its own challenges, mostly being that English penetration levels are some of the lowest from any of the cities on this list.

Russian women are known for their seductive appearances, love for lavish gifts and material items, and whirlwind personalities that can leave you with one of the most passionate and interesting relationships of your life.

The local Kazakh women are certainly down to meet foreign men, as there’s still an exotic factor that exists due to low-levels of tourism from most of the Western world.

Nightlife in the big cities is top-notch, with plenty of options and a large selection of attractive young Kazakh women looking to mingle with foreign men.

The majority of women come from mid to smaller sized cities for a better chance at making better money than in their places of birth.

Although salaries are higher in Moscow, they’re still not great, especially for women.

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