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Long term, I’m not sure what to make of this news or what it means for the future of Quicken.However, in the two years since the sales, there have been a number of improvements made to Quicken.For individuals who prefer to stay with a locally installed program, there’s Moneydance (Here’s a comparison we’ve made of Moneydance vs. Or if you’re looking for a native Macintosh software application, there’s Banktivity, as well.But none of these applications come close to Quicken in terms of market share or the comprehensive personal finance features that still make Quicken for Windows the industry leader.Today, it’s possible to store your financial information completely online using services like Personal Capital, which we recommend as the best personal finance service, or YNAB.However, these financial aggregation services tend to be read-only and are better suited for alerts or reporting your finances.

This change gets the entire user base on the same version at all times.So that brings us to reviewing the latest version of Quicken.For this review, Quicken supplied a copy of Quicken Premier 2019 for Windows, and I converted from my previous test installation of Quicken 2018.However, now you must subscribe and pay on an annual basis.After your subscription period ends, the online services will no longer work.

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Premier, which has fewer bells and whistles for the entrepreneur, is just $67.49. It’s especially worthwhile when you consider that YNAB — which has much less functionality — charges $6.99 per month.

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