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If he starts talking to you agen and starts flirting with you agen, maby you should make the first move and probably ask him out, don’t be scared to make the first move. That will be awsome if you reply to me and tell me how it goes.❤️❤️Elle So, I've had a crush on this boy, with which I'm really good friends, for about three years.

We go to martial arts together, and tend to get paired up since we're very close in age and height(I'm older by a year and slightly shorter than him). Hey it says to almost all of yall its the perfect match even to me so his name is (cant tell u) and he is my best friend ,we are in the same 4rd grade class im 10 he is 10 he is one month older than me my bff think he likes but i told one of my bff that that boy likes her and its true he tuches me all the time he tried to hug me twice and he tels me god job when i do somethinge good or he give me a high five he is "popular" well he used to be but no one likes him only one of my bffs and her name is ava h e stares at me all the time well most of the time he sits next to me in music, in class and i think his bff likes me too !!!!

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During the summer camp at martial arts, he and the rest of my guy friends try to gain my attention by flirting with me. That was the end of the day and I’m a pick up and she rides the bus home so I don’t know what happened.

My crush's tactics are much more subtle than the rest of them, which, in a way, makes him all the more attractive. He gave me a note back saying “it’s so easy to tell.” During the whole time my other friends how sit next to him are grabbing the note from him and reading it. I just know if they broke up I could never date him or she’ll get mad.

Maby he’s trying to see if you notice and actually like talking to him. Maby ask him if he’s mad at you, don’t be scared to ask him.

Maby he really likes you but doesn’t know how to say it.

During summer camp, he talks and flirts with me, but about a two months after till about a month before summer camp, he stops taking to me. So one of my other friends and I were playing truth or dare. So I wrote a note for him but didn’t want to give it to him. Ever one keeps telling me how can he tell you like him. I have this crush, and I known him since the first grade. People would say we were dating and that we liked each other. The day before yesterday my friend and I were playing truth or dare and, she dared me to tell her who my crush is. Another one of my friends had like him to and she was scared she was going to take him away from her. The next day the teacher send me down to get some books and paper with him for a project. Today my BFF cept saying how I’m a boy firend stealer when he is still dating her, she forgot about it until she was talking to him and she kind of got a little mad and said she wanted to break up with him. we did formal dancing today and we held hands our faces were so akward and our we were so silent!we both love to dance and i hope we can dance together Hey Aine, I think he is try to play hard to get.I'm really not sure why, but if anyone has any ideas why, let me know. Wolf Play : Irish Wind - (https://wolfplaygame.com/index.php? She grabs it out of my hand and throws it to him, and says it was from me. I was his best friend thought out 3 and 4 th grade. I started having a huge crush on him in the 4 grade. She told me she made a mistake and asked me if I can ask him if there done. People would randomly ask him if he liked my and they told me he said yes. 5 th grade rolled along and we weren’t in the same class so I didn’t talk to him as much as usual.

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Okay, so i’m too aftraid that someone i know will find out about this comment so i’m keeping my name anonymus, i need a bit of advice. me and my crush are at the time 13 and idk, i usually catch him glancing at me in class, and when were doing projects he always kinda teases me fir little mistakes.

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