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In theory, I should have been great at online dating.

As an advertising writer, I've spent my career making products sound good, and I certainly had no trouble casting just the right tone in my profile writeup and photo gallery.

I met my current BF (whom I've been dating almost a year) indirectly through Facebook. On Facebook, these people had some idea of what I was like in real life.

Like most people, I tend to present the "best" version of myself on Facebook, but my potential suitors knew (or knew of) me as a real person first.

But because we think there’s a chance we might get laid or loved, we’re willing to pay any price—even our precious free time.

Most of them were attractive, successful guys who'd never had a relationship last longer than a year. I didn't think to actually look for a guy with kids (stupid me, I love kids, but I thought I'd be able to find a guy with whom I could adopt). However, my ego was saved when Facebook started becoming popular (I think I signed up in 2007).

Once I decided to list my status as "single", I started getting lots of dates from former classmates and coworkers, and friends of friends.

I had several "mini-relationships" before this one took hold, all of them kindled through Facebook.

Dating a Facebook "friend" didn't bring with it the same nervousness, so I probably performed better. I'm lucky, because if all I had was Match and the like, I'd probably have shot myself by now.

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