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Then again, does she really want to have sex with anybody?I don't think she does, and this guy gives her the illusion that a man is in love with her without all that messy, icky sex.^^ She's far from grim. She's too 'up' for me to be around her for too long though. After sucking it and making Denny's toes curl, he wants to put his mouth on her. Once they get to the pounding, Denny definitely doesn't let down.He slams that pussy, making Ruby moan and scream as his thick, rock hard member slides in and out of her tight wet pussy.And Ruby, loving every inch of it, won't get off that dick until she's gotten hers... After Ruby invites her trainers over for the Thanksgiving dinner, the show moves on to her in a therapy session discussing ideas for how to handle dinner.

When Denny got the call from Ruby, he didn't want to make plans to 'hang out', but he was willing to meet up and fuck.

We set it up, got them together, and let them lead the way..what a way it is.

Denny jumps right in by bringing Ruby over to his side..a long, deep kiss.

He said it's been a few days and that the last girl he was screwing left town for a week. Ruby was wondering what she was going to do for the day, so she called Denny to see what he was up to.

So Ruby, being the sexual fiend that she is, was down, and agreed to meet up for a good pounding.

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