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Online pursuit of romance and intimacy also has its costs.

A climate of internet-facilitated dating in later life has introduced more opportunities for unsafe sex, sexually transmitted disease (STDs), and general exploitation among vulnerable older adults (Pierpaoli Parker, in progress).

Engage in open and transparent discussion with older adults about the benefits and risks of online social interactions.

Then, give the client the opportunity to make a well-informed decision. Together, review online security, safety, and reporting guidelines. Use appropriate assessment to ensure older adults feel confident in their ability to monitor signs of internet fraud, phishing, and “sweetheart scams.” 4. Partner preferences across the life span: Online dating by older adults.

How can psychologists respect older adults’ autonomy and promote their social and emotional wellbeing, while maintaining a commitment to do no harm? The gray revolution: Rising divorce among middle-aged and older adults, 1990-2010. The desire to date and remarry among older widows and widowers.

Do clinicians have a duty to consider capacity in deciding whether to introduce online engagement?

How do we assess capacity to engage in online dating?

Ensure that adults understand and appreciate the potential and likely consequences of sharing their personal information. Perhaps most important, encourage them to report anyone or anything suspicious.

Provide contact information to appropriate reporting sources.

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The American Psychological Association’s (APA) ethics code (2017) and guidelines for psychological practice with older adults (2014), unfortunately, provide little guidance on navigating the ethics of technology beyond those tethered to tele-health.

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