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Or, if you as an expat find the locals too different, you can find someone from your own culture in the same region to hook up with and compare notes with or chat about "home" with.

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Vacancy of the day: Study Lab School in Moscow looks for an EAL Teacher for teaching Very Young Learners & Young Learners.

During Peter the Great's reign in the 18th century, victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War led to Russia becoming a major European power.

Both Georgia and the Ukraine have been attacked; in 2014 the Ukrainian province of Crimea was annexed.

Such actions are an unwelcome reminder of the dark days of the Soviet era.

In 1985, President Gorbachev started the decommissioning of the totalitarian state in earnest, and in 1991 the USSR was dissolved.

The Russian Federation, the largest of the 15 Soviet republics, was widely accepted as the USSR’s successor state in diplomatic affairs, assuming its permanent membership and veto in the UN Security Council.

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The Moscow Expat Site has lined-up the complete listing of parks, former royal and aristocratic estates and other green spaces for your leisure-time hours, from black-tie outdoor classical concerts through to nudist beaches for those who like to get their kit off. Now you can, using the Moscow Expat Site Phone Directory - a unique listing of expat-friendly services and organizations that will be of maximum use and benefit to you.

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