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As a test, he composed several ads with different permutations of assumed identity and sexual orientation: straight/bi men/women looking for the opposite/same sex.He then posted it to New York, Chicago, and Houston, and tallied the results. I genuinely loved you and despite everything, I know you loved me too. Fuck yes, I took note of those situations and countless others. You're comming up fast on 30....still drink until you pass out on the weekends. 4) You may no longer speak to any member of my family. And hell, dare I go out on a limb and admit that maybe you were even just a tad kinkier than me? of the two of us, I'm the one more comfortable with their body, I could give a shit if one of your friends sees my my cock or my ass. I chalked up your alcoholism, selfishness, infidelity, lying and depression to personality quirks that would work themselves out as you matured, despite the obvious contention that you had four years on me. Oh, and that INCREDIBLE chick who I bought the car from and was nearly floored by the instant chemistry. I'd sell it and get a high class whore just to spite you anyway. Because despite all the craziness we were extremely compatible in the bedroom. So, you don’t know how do get a picture on to Craigslist. Here’s your step-by-step guide on putting images up there to really make those submissions stand out.Craigslist recently changed their photo posting policies.We have so many sexy naked girls, that love to show their close up pussy photos just for you and your friends too.

I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You need to have a picture on-line already before you can put it on Craigslist.The easiest and best way is if you already have the picture on your own website. There are plenty of other free places out there you can put your picture on. I know Amy has been bugging you for a threesome for years, something tells me she might just be a phone call away. I think I've learned that while you can't control who you love, you sure as hell can control whether or not you allow yourself to stay with them. But the difference between you and I is that I have the character and morality to honor my word and I was faithful. Your writing has been suffering and quickly sliding down hill for nearly two years now. You're starting to look weathered and rapidly approaching the stereotypical "bar whore" look. No doubt your subconscious recognized the fact that I was the more trustworthy of the two and hence the logic behind myself being the "keeper" of our visual record of our bedroom activities. Hell, if I get drunk enough one night, they might just see it anyway. I just want my shit back and never, I MEAN NEVER, to see or hear from you again. 6 months from now, if all the above conditions are met within a reasonable time frame you have my word I will delete them all.

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