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Then weeks later, she found out he was dating someone else long distance. On the other hand, Nick says he stayed out of all the “stupid” drama.

By referring to “stupid” he’s actually referring to Chris, who apparently took a beating from his parents for his mistreatment of Jamie and Blakeley. It’s here that most of America figured out how the show would end because ABC likes to give it away in the previews. Nick confirms that by saying “we’re on the same page.” How it works: If both pick “share”, they split the money.

Chris Harrison asks if there’s still animosity and she says she’s still angry and their friendship has never been the same.

Hatchet Face claims she was the “Puppetmaster”, controlling the game, and I would tend to agree.

Michael also says he was not looking for a wife because it’s —cesspool of venereal disease.

I guess now his ass is the only one she’ll have bleach because they announce they’re moving in together, but then Tony segways into the longest proposal EVER.Hatchet Face, who was apparently trying to be like Britney or Ashley, says she played the most loyal game.Taking away your best friend’s chance to win 0,000, it’s unforgivable so she damn well better get a Coach purse outta this.However, she says she couldn’t win without a partner (or in her case, Hatchet Face) so she picked “share”.Nick’s monologue is a little more honest and a lot more winded.

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He says no one would have predicted he could make it that far; Hatchet Face said he didn’t deserve to be there, and Ed said he was an “anonymous guy”.

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