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Many women are, however, more likely to climax if they engage in other sexual activity with their partner, such as oral sex or manual clitoral stimulation. Add what we already know, that women are more likely to orgasm from oral sex or an oral/vaginal combo than vaginal sex alone, to this fun fact: women are much less likely to get oral sex during casual sex.

During casual hookups, men get it about 80% of the time, while women are on the receiving end of oral less than 50% of the time.

When women grow up being told to keep their number of sexual partners as low as possible, to only have sex inside the context of a relationship, and to stay virgins as long as they can, we end up with a problem: the difficulty of balancing a healthy casual sex life with a lifetime’s worth of slut-shaming.

In this fast paced world, at least 3 out of 5 people are more interested in having a hookup over building a real, steady relationship over time.They are just another vestige of a long-gone time, like Henry VIII-era sexual discrimination and injustice, watered down and tied up in a pretty package that pretends to be equality. Living in Washington, DC, this West Coast native uses her free time to write for her blog Duckyfem, practice yoga and spend as much time with animals and in nature as possible.Follow her on Twitter @duckyfem and read her articles here.So we’ve already established that there are some roadblocks on the road to orgasm for women who have sex casually. Debra Hebernick believes that many women get sexual satisfaction and emotional benefits from intercourse that doesn’t lead to orgasm.But does having an orgasm have to be the goal of a hookup? Sometimes, according to her research, casual sex works wonders merely by providing a sense of intimacy for both partners involved.

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