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I circled the head with my tongue like a lovely cherry lolly. He moved the chair at the end to the side and lifted me onto the tabletop, my legs dangling. , but before I do I'm going to have a little lunch." I thought, "Food?

His shaft became completely limp and fell between his legs. He could think of food in the middle of our lovemaking? He kissed me long and hard and positioned himself between my legs. He ran his tongue around my nipples and bit them gently. I couldn't see, but I guessed that his erection had returned because he put his hands under my butt and drew me to him, lifting my butt.

I braced, myself for the impending massacre of my vagina. It felt like forever before he finally got it all in, but it was worth the wait to feel the head of that dick banging against the back door of my vagina. In a few moments I saw Michael's face contort and his eyes closed tightly. I'd always heard that Older women make great lovers for boys. A part of me was actually quite proud that I just fucked a young stud.

He worked his dick in long strokes, slowly at first and then gradually faster while I tried to stay perfectly still. With each stroke I got a little sensation of pleasure. That wonderful rush of sensation that women lust over, whether or not we admit it. He stood up straight and again took my butt in is large hands, raising it to his level. He came with a massive slam that nearly sent me across the table. Now I know that's true." I blushed "How was it for you," He asked. " I replied, "Oh, I got there alright, and back again and there again and back again. The other part was concerned that he'd gotten the wrong message about me.

I was able to swallow most but some had escaped past my lips and drippedonto my naked breasts.

I swallowed continuously thinking it was over, but I was wrong. I wanted him to shove his magnificently large, rock hard penis into me and bang me until I couldn't stand up.

I wasn't sure he would, since I couldn't take the whole thing.

A loud ahhhhhhhhhhh came from his throat, at the same time his penis exploded and unearthed a deluge of teenage sperm into my mouth.

I tried to swallow it all, but I was not fast enough as the rate at which he was shooting was too much and I almost gagged.

"I'm sorry I did not mean to startle you" he apologized. "We got in rather late last night so Josh let me crash here again. My parents and Dan's parents insisted that we get married. I never thought of myself as a sexy lady who could sweep men off their feet. Finally I gently kissed each of his nipples and sat down. I could barely imagine being able to take his whole penis and yet I desperately wanted to try.

I therefore did not have the pleasure of enjoy many lovers, except for Dan. I always just assumed men would be turned on by anything in a skirt. I looked at his face and I couldn't believe what I was about to do. With my free hand I felt his chest, especially those adorable nipples. After a few seconds regaining my senses, I got up and again approached Michael.

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