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It is important to focus on both your needs and the needs of your partner.

It’s a good idea to be open about what your needs are and to always keep the communication open.

Incorporate your concerns about yourself into the discussion.

Talking about sex works best as a two-way conversation.

Timaree Schmit, doctor of human sexuality, also suggests emphasizing the positive.

If you want to ask for less sex, you might try emphasizing their attributes to suggest new ideas.

Think about what you would be comfortable with and what things you would be uncomfortable with. Communicating these things with your partner helps keep things open. a little more pressure…' can kill the mood.” It’s helpful to start from the perspective of pleasure and affection.Sean Horan, a Texas State University professor, focuses on communication between intimate partners.He suggests basing conversations about sexual health on affection.Remember that both parties should be consenting to have sex.Just because you are having sexual relations with your long-term partner doesn’t mean consent has been given.

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From behaviors to billboards, suggestions of sex and sexuality filter into our lives.

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