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Notable dudes named Hilary include: philosopher Hilary Whitehall Putnam, and illustrator Hilary Knight.

Lindsay – peaked in 1960 at #633, and fell off the male charts in 1986.

Margaret – peaked in 1907 at #392, and fell off the male charts in 1944.

But what of the names that began as male names and are now almost used for girls? (All data comes from the Social Security Administration for the top 1,000 most popular male names from 1900-present.) Allison – peaked as a male name in 1903 at #657, and fell off the male charts in 1947.

Notable dudes named Allison include: screenwriter Allison Burnett and sports journalist Allison Danzig.

There are no famous Laurens (aside from designer Ralph, but that’s his last name), but the Loren spelling has a few notables, including animator (and creator of “Bob’s Burgers”) Loren Bouchard and anthropologist/writer Loren Eisley.

Joyce – peaked in 1932 at #625, and fell off the male charts in 1947.

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