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How can Internet daters in search of true love separate the players from the potential soul mates?And how can the romantics among us signal that we’re in it for a mate, not just mating?

It turns out nothing says I’m interested like a rose: A digital flower increased the chances that an offer of a date was accepted by about 20 percent.The stories bought into the explanations offered up in the papers—that the effect makes sense because we associate red with passion, something that might have evolutionary roots, since people flush when they’re angry. ) They often included suggestions to wear the color in specific situations, such as your dating app profile.For years, the literature continued to grow with more studies supporting the red-romance effect.Now, an Asian dating company has teamed up with some market design specialists to analyze whether these “virtual roses” are an effective way of indicating genuine interest.In a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, “Propose With a Rose?

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