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But if we’re able to answer that we’re after more of Jesus in dating and in marriage, the boundaries that once looked so stale, boring, and old-fashioned suddenly become our best friends in the fight.They’re the courageous, faith-filled steps we take to find more of Jesus together.If the honest answer is affection and intimacy, no number of boundaries can guard us completely.We can put up all the fences we want, but the brokenness hides inside of us (and all our fences), and it waits to strike when we’re at our weakest and most vulnerable.

Why did God tell them not to eat from the one tree?

What if, instead of fence-building, they were acts of war in love?

Boundaries are hard to keep, at least in part, because Satan convinces us we’re only sacrificing and never gaining, that we’re holed up in this dark, cold, damp cave called Christian dating. Christ came to us not to enslave us, though, but to liberate us.

“For freedom Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1). A relationship patience and self-control, but they don’t quench love.

They nourish and strengthen the kind of love we’re really longing for.

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