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MYRON LEWIS SAVAGE Orlando, Florida Sigma Nu Activities: 0. V): Ral Committee '37, '38; International Rela- tions Club: Cbapel Stall' "36. '38, '39, Chairman '38: Social Committee '38; Student-Faculty Discip- line Committee '38, '39; Varsity Crew '36; Phi So- ciety; Cbapel Usher Staff; .; Inner Coun- cil; Publications Union "38; Chairman, Student Union Committee 38.

"39: Head Usher, Annie Rus- sell Theater Staff; Freshman Football Manager '36. Louis, Missouri Pi Beta Phi Ictivities: \ ice-President.

SUSANNE PICK West Bend, Wisconsin Pi Beta Phi Activities: Student Council; Pi Beta Phi, Vice- President; Social Service Committee; International Relations Club; German Club; Flying Club; Crew; Sandspur. Lowell, Massachusetts Kappa Alpha Activities: Varsity Crew '37, 38, "39; Varsity Swim- ming "36.

Sikeston, Missouri Theta Kappa Nu Activities: International Relations Club "36, 37; Peace Society "36. LILAH VIRGINIA NELSON Leesburg, Florida Phi Mu Activities: Student Council '39; Chapel Staff "36; A Cappella Choir "36, "37, "38; Student Union Com- mittee; Phi Mu, Treasurer "38, Vice-President '39.

She and her husband, owners of an angora cat farm, spend their time raising little "Puss-Pusses." Is now all settled in Cuba and still trying to find out how many Ricks there are in Ron Rick-o Rum. Now gives out the latest prescriptions in modern, streamlined dress design. Sandy s life is divided between a career and marriage.

Widely noted for her mathematical ability (she has so much to offer in the way of figures) . Fhi:k Modesty Is a Virti e Deedee Hoenig— Has just been chosen to play the part of "Blond let" O Hara in the first llol K- wood production of "Gone With the Wind". She has plenty of money in her Purse, but with the exception oi her artistic ability, everything else lias gone to Ashes. At her opening night on Broadway, she arrived at the theatre in time for her curtain calls.

Bottom Row: Ethel Macdonald, Jean Hol- den, Carolyne Sandlin, Charlotte Stout, Frances Perrottet, Patricia Pritchard, Mary Ellis Weaver, Jean Herbert. Mary \ irginia Hornor — Mary Virginia Hornor, sat in a corner, Eating her curds and whey; Along came Jack, hut he sat on a tack, So he took Mary Virginia away. NATION FOOTBALL Climaxing a brilliant season with a 6-6 tie against rival Stetson University which insured them second place ranking in the 1938 Florida grid race, the Rollins Tars amassed one of their best records last fall since genial Jack Mc Dowall took over the football fortunes here ten years ago. '38; city Committee 39; French Club "37, "39; Sandspur "38, Feature Editor "39. Alpha Phi ■tctivilies: Ke\ Societ\ : Student Council '39; Vlpha Phi, Treasurer f 38, Presidenl '39; Pan-Hellenic Council '39; Varsity \.rchery .57. — 45 — ELSIE MOORE New York, New York Gamma Phi Beta Activities: Gamma Phi Beta, Vice-President Publicity Chairman "38, Assistant Treasurer International Relations Chili "39; Chapel Pnhl "39. " Top Ron; left to right: Dorothea Rich, Lynne Leonard, Kitty Wynne, Pecgy Cleland. Middle Row: Marco Colvin, Marguerite Beyer, Elizabeth Hannahs, Elizaheth Carey, Jane Miller, Margery Mc Queen, June Mutispauch. Betty Berdahl— Dottie Bryn — Betty de Giers — Denny Denison — Connie Durschlag- Jean Herbert — We now present the alphabetical cracking of the cast.

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LEON MARSHALL STACKLER Chicago, Illinois Independent Activities: French Club "39; Flying Club "39. Holt, we oi the senior class wish to express our gratitude lor four lull years l rich experience.

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