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Cutting pathways through the mountains of central and western New York, these rivers became the state’s avenues of commerce, serving first as the basis of the Erie Canal and later as the route of the New York Central Railroad and of the Governor Thomas E. Two small regions complete the geographic picture in southeastern New York.

The Atlantic Coastal Plain, which extends from Massachusetts to Florida, takes in Long Island and Staten Island.

The Finger Lakes region also provides many opportunities for summer and winter sports, and its valleys provide excellent grasslands for dairying. Erie-Ontario Lowlands lies to the north of the Appalachian Highlands and west of the Mohawk valley and extends along the southern shores of the Great Lakes.

It is composed of lake plains bordering the Great Lakes that extend up to 30 miles (50 km) inland from the lakes.

Its displacement by California beginning in the middle of that decade was caused by the enormous growth rate that has persisted on the West Coast rather than by a large decline in New York itself.

Texas overtook New York as the second most populous state in 2000.

A small finger of the eastern Piedmont region juts up from New Jersey for some distance along the west bank of the Hudson.

The state—and New York City in particular—remains the centre of much of the country’s economy and finance, as well as of many formative impulses in American art and culture, and the influence and image of both are major elements in national political life.

The movement of the glaciers left New York with nine distinct physiographic regions.

Each has its own characteristic landforms, with distinctive geologic structures and patterns of erosion.

The Catskill Mountains (the peaks of which reach some 2,000 to 4,000 feet [600 to 1,200 metres]), the Finger Lakes Hills area, and the Delaware River basin are located in this region.

The Catskills, with their mountains and lakes, are primarily a recreation area.

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However, the overwhelming presence of New York City has tended to divide the state socially and politically, causing long-standing problems for both the city and the state. Population (2010) 19,378,102; (2018 est.) 19,542,209. Although New York state is inextricably linked with New York City in many people’s minds, the state has a wide range of geographic and climatic conditions.

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